The TOP Minecraft servers


The TOP Minecraft servers

With thousands of unique Minecraft servers to pick from, it can be a rather overwhelming task for players to filter through the pile and discover the best Minecraft servers worth investing time into.

There are many Minecraft server types that players can choose from. This list covers all the most popular gamemodes: PvP, survival, relaxation, and minigames like Bedwars.

The best Minecraft servers are listed below and have been verified as being open to all.

Not all Minecraft servers are listed below in a particular order. They only reflect the views of the editor. Other views may be different!


In the world of prison Minecraft servers, Purple Prison is the gold standard. Since its creation, 7 years ago, it has been continuously updated and improved. Purple Prison offers excellent gameplay, regardless of whether you are looking for building, mining or parkour.

This is an older but highly popular server. The sense of community is strong, as demonstrated by the active discord server community with over 30,000 welcoming and friendly members.

Gamemodes: Prisoner, PvP and Parkour

Average playercount: 1200+

Roleplay Hub / IP

Roleplay Hub is one of the most popular and best Minecraft servers for social roleplay. It welcomes both veteran roleplayers as well as newbies.

There are many roleplay worlds that players can explore. The most popular is the one that centers around a Japanese highschool. You can choose to roleplay as a student, teacher, or both, while interacting with hundreds of other students.

Gamemodes: RPG, Social, Roleplaying, and other game modes

Average playercount: 200+

Origin Realms/IP:

Origin Realms is still one of the most coveted features in Minecraft multiplayer. Origin Realms is often called “Minecraft V2”, and it aims to vastly improve vanilla Minecraft survival via a multitude of exclusive features such as custom items, rich questlines and mind-blowing animated cutscenes.

This server was developed with a tremendous amount of effort. A short paragraph can't really do justice to it. Origin Realms has a public beta available right now. This means that players can sign up right away to get a taste of the server's potential.

Gamemodes: Survival and RPG, Quests

Average playercount: 150+

Minecraft Central / IP

Minecraft Central is a well-known name in the Minecraft multiplayer world. It was created in 2016 and has been popular since then, with thousands of players playing concurrently every day.

Minecraft Central offers a wide range of classic-style gamemodes that players can play. Each one has been improved over the years.

Gamemodes: Survival and Factions, Hide & Seek. Creative, Skyblock.

Average playercount: 1400+

Lunar Network / IP:

Lunar Network is a popular choice within the Minecraft 1.8 PvP Community. It remains a top pick for players looking to improve their PvP skills through practice 1v1 duels.

Lunar Network's flagship Minecraft PvP client “Lunar Client” has gained a lot of popularity. This client allows players to improve their PvP with various optimizations and ensures fairness through an integrated anticheat system.

Gamemodes PvP, and Kit-PvP

Average playercount: 350+

Hypixel / IP

Hypixel is a familiar name to many. Hypixel is the most popular Minecraft multiplayer player, with over 100,000 players peaking at peak times.

Hypixel's continued innovation in exciting gamemodes is the key to its success. Hypixel is best known for inventing and creating the hit Bedwars gamemode.

Gamemodes: Minigames, Skyblock, Bedwars

Average playercount: 90,000.

MineClub / IP:

Mineclub is the ideal place for players who want a less intense and more relaxed Minecraft multiplayer experience.

It is evident how meticulous Mineclub has been. Mineclub is a social Minecraft server that offers a variety of minigames.

These minigames can be completed to earn coins that can be used to unlock rare hats and custom cosmetic items.

Gamemodes: Roleplay, Minigames, Social

Average playercount: 600+


Poke-Smash is a blocky land that might appeal to fans of Minecraft's pixelmon gamemode or any Pokemon fan. It is the most popular and largest pixelmon Minecraft server.

Poke-Smash allows players to trade, trade, and fight all 932 of their favorite Pokemon, in a large Minecraft world. PokeSmash offers many other features such as Pokemon gyms and rare shiny Pokemon. There are also player battle tournaments.

Note: Poke-Smash requires players to install the pixelmon modded server to join. This guide will help you to do it.

Gamemode: Pixelmon

Average playercount: 250+

CamperCraft Survival SMP/IP /

While modifiable servers and gamemodes can be extremely fun, some players just long for a simple, vanilla-style Minecraft survival multiplayer game. This keeps the game true to its original intent.

Camper Craft is a friendly, small-sized SMP (Survival Multiplayer), server that offers a basic Minecraft survival experience. Players can also enjoy the most recent Minecraft features by staying updated on the server.

SMP, Survival Modes

Average playercount: 50+

Parkour Craft / IP:

Parkour Craft is a Minecraft server dedicated to parkour. Over 100 custom-made parkour maps are available for players with all levels of skill to complete. Each map has a different difficulty level and some even have a unique theme.

After completing a parkour route, players will receive in-game coins. These can be used to buy awesome cosmetics like pets, hats and colored boots. There are even sweet perks such as colored nicknames.

Parkour is the gamemode

Average playercount: 100+