Best beginner in Minecraft dungeons


Best beginner in Minecraft dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons, gear is anything that can be equippable or enchanted. Both armor and weapons are considered gear, and are useful depending on the level of players.

Each one has a different purpose and can be used in different ways. These are the top gear for beginners in Minecraft Dungeons.

5) Mercenary Armor

Mercenary armor has both offensive and defensive stat boosting effects, as well as a huge 35% reduction in damage. For players and their allies, it also provides a 20% increase in weapon damage. This armor is great for all players, including veterans. Although it doesn't have any special powers, the Mercenary Armor can be used by beginners.

4) Daggers

Daggers are a great weapon to use when you're trying to learn the game. Veteran players will also benefit from being able to move fast, although they are often able to do other tasks. It is important to be able move quickly and to attack quickly early in your career. Beginners can also use daggers if they find them.

3) Plate Armor

Plate armor is more difficult to find, but can be used to negate enemy attacks. It provides extra health (118), 35% reduction in damage, and a longer roll cooldown. This is a great defensive armor set and will prove to be very helpful for beginners.

2) Heavy Crossbow

Ranged attack is very useful in Minecraft Dungeons. The best ranged weapons for the game are highly recommended. They are great for beginners to learn and practice with. The Heavy Crossbow can be used to attack, making it a very useful weapon. The Heavy Crossbow is also more powerful than other crossbows by being held down on the button.

1) Soul Knife

For players in Minecraft Dungeons, collecting souls is a crucial task. A weapon that doubles your collection is a great way to give beginners an advantage. Although there is a price to pay for slower speed, it's worth it for the increased soul collection.

Which one of these gears is best in Minecraft Dungeons'?